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Small Top Dressers

Small Top Dressers

Durable, designed for accuracy, top dresser perfect for golf courses, sports fields, and parks

Model 2100 Turf Tiger Top Dresser
28 cu. ft. capacity heapedĀ 

Starting at $131/mo.


Introducing the Turf Tiger 2100
Millcreek’s small top dressers are designed to apply all kinds of bulk material with precision, power and speed. Our commercial top dressers are ideal for spreading material on sports fields, golf courses and parks.


Capacity Heaped

  • 28 cu. ft.

Max Payload

  • 1,500 lbs.

Body Dimensions

  • 7′ – 3″l x 28″w x 15.5″h

Overall Product Dimensions

  • 9′ – 3″l x 50″w x 49″h

Loading Height

  • 36″


  • 550 lbs.

Required HP

  • Ground Driven

Tractor Weight

  • 15HP Tractor or 350cc ATV
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