Why Topdress? The Benefits of a Commercial Top Dresser to Keep Your Grounds Looking Pristine

The practice of topdressing with sand is said to have originated over a century ago on the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland. Topdressing is a practice that is now used by groundskeepers and turf management professionals to keep grounds looking their best not only on the golf course, but on college campuses, in public parks and on the athletic field.   

But why is topdressing so important? There are many reasons why you should topdress from preventing thatch build-up to smoothing the surface of your turf and preventing desiccation in the winter. Why invest in a commercial top dresser? Read on to learn more! 

Save Time and Money
commercial grade top dresser from Millcreek Manufacturing can help you get the job done with ease and speed. Manual topdressing is hard work, requiring a lot of time intensive labor to shovel, move, and spread sand, compost and other topdressing materials. Even smaller organizations can benefit from a commercial top dresser. With several sizes to choose from, Millcreek Manufacturing offers a commercial grade top dresser to suit every size operation and budget.  

Manage Thatch Levels to Decrease Player Injury
If you maintain athletic fields, topdressing is an important practice to control the level of thatch. When organic matter accumulates faster than it can be decomposed, thatch results. Topdressing for athletic fields levels the playing field when minor variations or depressions are visible and creates a better growing environment for the turf while helping to manage thatch. A thin layer of thatch (less than ¾”) is fine for athletic fields because it can absorb some shock, provide cushioning and lower the potential for player injury.  

commercial top dresser from Millcreek is designed to handle a variety of materials with an even, consistent application to provide a level surface for play, speed recovery of damaged turf and eliminate thatch.  

Increase the Overall Health of Your Grounds
Combined with other turf management practices such as will give you a pristine, healthy looking lawn or field. Aerating opens up the soil, allowing for better air and water movement and reduced compaction and topdressing with compost fills in the holes for better drainage and overall healthier turf.  

When conditions warrant it, topdressing is a routine practice that should be added to your turf management schedule at least twice a year, usually when the turf is actively growing in the late spring and early fall or in the late fall after the playing season. A quality top dresser from Millcreek helps keep your turf looking its best. With a consistent schedule our top dressers add to the beauty of your grounds, keep your turf healthy and vibrant, and encourage a dense, lush field.  

Ready to Learn More?
If you are looking to invest in a commercial grade top dresser to help you maintain your athletic field, golf course or campus grounds, contact us today. With a variety of models to choose from, plus legendary Millcreek performance and durability, we’ll help you choose the right top dresser for your operation. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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