Large Top Dressers

Large Top Dressers

Durable, spreads wet/dry material, self-aligning V-track system and hydraulic controls.

Model 4300 Turf Tiger Top Dresser
7,500 lbs. capacity 


Introducing the TurfTiger 4300
Our 7,500 lb. capacity top dresser is built tough to spread large loads of material, wet or dry, for fewer loads and fewer trips. With features like a self-aligning V-track system and dual hydraulic controls, you can get high volume top dressing done accurately and in less time.

The Turf Tiger 4300 commercial top dresser spreads wet material like no other machine. Why is this a big deal? It means material conditions or clogging issues don’t break topdressing schedules or work plans. Now superintendents and sports turf managers can top dress with any material, any time – wet or dry.

Available attachments include our exclusive, powerful Saber Tooth attachment that applies a steady, uniform pattern from 8 ft. to 12 ft. wide, depending on the material. The Spinner attachment is made for applications up to 35 ft. wide with varying coverage depth for light or heavy topdressing with wet or dry materials. For precise drop spreading, the 42 inch wide Brush attachment will make it happen.



  • 11-gauge steel body on heavy steel chassis
  • Rubber coated drive roller (prevents belt slippage)
  • Self-aligning V-Track System (maintains belt alignment)
  • Dual hydraulic controls (infinite belt & attachment speed control)
  • Flotation turf tires (14 psi, fully loaded ground pressure, wide track stability)
  • Mechanic-friendly, time, and labor saving maintenance construction


  • Tractor hydraulic system
  • PTO hydraulic system, standard 540 RPM
  • No-clog Saber Tooth™ beater attachment
  • Spinner attachment
  • Brush attachment
  • Tires 41-18LL-16.1 6-ply turf 14 psi ground pressure*
  • Tires 16.5 x 16.1 10-ply rib 29 psi ground pressure*
  • Tires 9.50 R x 16.5 LT truck tire


  • 3.2 yd3 heaped

Capacity, Extension sides

  • 5.25 yd3 heaped

Max. Payload

  • 7,500 lbs.

Overall Product Dimensions

  • 12′-8″l x 7′-9″w x 65″h

Bucket Loading Width

  • 8′ – 2″


  • 2,180 lbs.

Tractor Weight

  • 50% of gross loaded weight

HP Required

  • 35HP

The Turf Tiger 4300 handles these wet or dry materials

  • Sand/peat top dressing
  • Infield mixes
  • Compost
  • Grass clippings
  • Crumb rubber
  • Synthetic turf infill
  • Pelletized Lime
  • Wood chips
  • De-icing materials

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