What to Consider Before You Buy a Top Dresser

If you’re looking to invest in a machine that will help keep your campus, golf course, athletic field, or public green space in immaculate condition, then a commercial-grade top dresser should be at the top of your list. There are many factors that can affect how your turf looks and feels, so it’s essential to make sure your equipment is capable of keeping your turf as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Keep in mind that not all commercial-grade top dressing machines are the same, so there are a few questions you should ask yourself before picking a particular machine. Read on to learn more about choosing a commercial-grade top dresser, and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have as you decide which machine will suit you best!

How Much Material Do You Need to Spread?

We understand how important it is to work efficiently and quickly — especially when it comes to turf management. That’s why you need a commercial top dressing machine that lets you topdress as much of your area as possible without going back for refills every few minutes. At Millcreek, we offer small, mid-size, and large top dressers designed for every application. Our small ground drive top dresser is ideal for residential applications, parks, and smaller golf courses, while our mid-size models are best-suited for larger golf courses, schools, sports fields, and parks and recreation departments. Our large commercial-grade top dressers are perfect for high-volume applications and allow you to cover a vast area without the need for refills.

How Long Do You Need Your Machine to Last?

Nothing is worse than investing in a piece of machinery only to have it corrode or break just a couple of seasons later. Here at Millcreek, we use a 5-stage powder-coating process and thick, high-quality steel to ensure that every commercial-grade top dresser we offer is built to stand the test of time. Every model is optimally designed using farm-tough construction and materials that will last you season after season, no matter the material or application. So be sure to consider the construction quality and materials before you make a choice! It can pay off in the long run.

What Features or Options Will Make Your Life Easier?

If you’re looking to save time and money while reducing waste, you’ll want to consider certain features or options that can help get you there. Each brand you compare will have different benefits, but at Millcreek, each of our Turf Tiger models is designed to move twice as fast without sacrificing accuracy. Our heavy-duty drive system provides worry-free service to last years down the road, and our apron conveyor allows for guaranteed tracking without slipping. You might also opt for our Saber Tooth beater technology, complete with a metering gate that switches from low- to high-volume flow, depending on the material.

How Long is the Warranty?

Regardless of the type of machine you buy, you can expect to have some level of wear-and-tear. So, it’s important to look for a commercial-grade top dresser that comes with a solid warranty since not all manufacturers will stand behind their product equally. At Millcreek, our top dressers come with a two-year limited warranty, and our technicians will replace any damaged or defective components. Not only do we also offer a 10-year, prorated warranty on the top dresser’s spray-on polyurethane lining, but the polyethylene floorboards are covered for life against peeling, splitting, rotting, and cracking. When you purchase a top dresser, you should purchase one that you can trust has your investment is protected.

What is the ROI?

Whether you’re overseeing a campus, athletic field, public park, golf course, or any other space, it’s critical to keep your green spaces, fairways, and turf fields in tip-top shape. Investing in a commercial-grade top dresser can help make this happen. Manual topdressing requires a lot of time and effort to shovel, move, and spread compost, sand, and other materials. With a machine, however, the energy spent keeping your fields looking healthy and pristine is drastically reduced, leaving you more time to tend to other matters. As they say, “Time is money,” and for busy organizations manpower is money as well. So choose a machine that will help you save time and ultimately reduce man hours needed to perform the work.

Ready to Purchase a New Commercial-Grade Top Dresser?

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial-grade top dressers and how we can help you take your fields to the next level. Our team of experienced technicians is ready and available to answer any questions you might have, and our goal is to help you select the best top dresser model for your needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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