Factors to Consider When Choosing a Top Dresser

If you’re looking to invest in equipment to keep the turf at your golf course, public park or athletic field in pristine condition, then you might want to consider how a commercial-grade top dresser can help keep your turf looking its best. Since there are a number of factors that can impact the look and feel of your turf, having the proper equipment to keep your turf healthy is essential.  

At Millcreek, we manufacture a variety of top dressing machines that are prized by dedicated grounds care teams across the country and around the world. So no matter how many acres of fields you manage, we’re bound to have a commercial-grade top dresser that will be the right fit for your needs.  

However, all commercial top dressers are not created equal, so read on to learn a few of the questions you should ask before choosing a machine. And contact us today for help determining which top dresser is right for your organization. 

5 Questions You Need to Ask When Buying a Top Dresser 

What Materials Do You Spread?
All machines are not necessarily capable of spreading all types of materials. So whether your grounds need to be dressed with sand, infield mix, wood chips, compost, we have machines that are designed to handle the material you need to spread. Our mid-size and large top dressers can handle both wet and dry materials, including sand, peat, infield mixes, compost, grass clippings, crumb rubber, synthetic turf infill, pelletized lime, wood chips and de-icing materials. So be sure to understand what materials you need to spread and choose a machine accordingly. 

How Large Are Your Fields?
When you’re working on turf management, working quickly and efficiently is important. You don’t want to be constantly refilling the machine. That’s why you need a machine that will allow you to work quickly and topdress as much ground as possible without refilling. At Millcreek, our small top dressers are designed to apply all kinds of bulk material with precision, power and speed. These machines are designed for accuracy and are perfect for smaller golf courses, sports fields and parks. Our mid-size top dressers are perfect for schools, golf courses, and parks and recreation departments. These machines have larger bins and can hold more material before refilling. Our large top dressers are ideal for high volume top dressing. These machines can handle wet or dry material better than anything else on the market and will allow you to cover a great deal of ground without refilling. 

Is Speed Important?
The right top dresser will help you quickly spread materials over large areas, increase productivity and save your organization time and money. At Millcreek, our top dressers can be pulled behind a tractor or ATV to quickly cover large areas and are more efficient than manually applying materials or using smaller machines. Our mid-size top dressers are the fastest in our fleet and provide a high degree of accuracy. Cut top dressing time in half without compromising precision, speed, accuracy or versatility. We designed our commercial-grade top dressers to topdress twice as fast without compromising precision. Our exclusive Saber Tooth technology gives you speed, accuracy and versatility unlike any other top dresser on the market today. So, you get the job done in half the time while reducing the manpower needed to make your turf shine. 

What Is the Warranty?
No matter which machine you choose, you’re bound to have wear and tear that requires repair, so be sure to look for a machine with a good warranty. At Millcreek, we offer a two-year limited warranty and will replace any defective parts. We also provide a 10-year, pro-rated warranty on the spray-on polyurethane lining. In addition the high density, polyethylene floorboards are warranted for the lifetime of the machine from cracking, rotting, splitting or peeling. That means you can trust that your investment will be protected from defect for the length of the warranty term. 

How Responsive is the Manufacturer?
Even beyond warranty repairs, gauging the responsiveness and availability of service help is a key consideration. That’s why we keep a variety of common parts in stock and ready to ship, and our expert technicians are available to talk you through a multitude of common maintenance and repairs. We are committed to helping you get equipment up and running again, and will gladly talk you through any issues. 

Ready to Learn More?
Contact us today to learn how the right commercial-grade top dresser can help your fields shine, while helping your organization work more efficiently. Our experienced team is available to answer your questions and help you choose the right equipment. We look forward to hearing from you!   

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